Tell Your Legislators to Vote NO on Jason Brune

Jason Brune is not suited to be the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. He has spent his adult life undermining the mission of the Department. 

The DEC is the primary state agency responsible for protecting Alaska's water quality. The DEC is the entity that issues the state permits necessary to develop Pebble Mine. When the Pebble Partnership tells us not to worry because they still need state permits, they are talking about permits issued by the DEC. 

It is difficult to imagine a worse pick than Jason Brune for DEC commissioner. He has spent the last two decades advocating for virtually every mining project in Alaska. He was literally the spokesman for the Pebble Mine. He has run mining front groups. He has absolutely no record of ever favoring environmental protection over mines.

In his confirmation hearing before the Senate Resources Committee, he claimed he has not made up his mind on Pebble. That's preposterous. He made his mind up on Pebble almost two decades ago. Beyond his history of working for mining companies, we should not trust someone who won't level with us about his intentions. 

It cannot be emphasized enough: a vote for Jason Brune is a vote for Pebble Mine.