Alaska: The Greatest Salmon Runs On Earth     

Remember that last salmon fillet you ate? It probably came from the crystal clear waters of Alaska, home to the planet’s greatest wild salmon runs.  They feed people across the globe, and drive healthy ecosystems in Alaska. Bears, eagles, whales and dozens of other species thrive on Alaskan salmon. The state’s $1.7 billion salmon economy employs more than 32,000 people. Wild fish runs have sustained Alaska Native communities for thousands of years and attract anglers from around the world. However, without clear rules in place to protect salmon habitat and guide large project development, Alaska runs the risk of repeating history and losing our world-class wild salmon runs.

Alaskans Push to Update Salmon Law

Fishermen, Alaska Native leaders, and salmon advocates in Alaska are pushing to improve protections for salmon streams and rivers. The salmon community wants to modernize Alaska's development standards to make sure wild fish aren’t sacrificed as the state grows.

Help Secure the Future of Alaska Wild Salmon

Your support is critical to win this fight. Alaska groups need your help to rally salmon lovers across the state and get out the vote for a 2018 ballot measure that would update the salmon habitat protection law and ensure that Alaska's salmon fisheries remain strong.

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