Salmon Beyond Borders
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Large mine development near the headwaters of rivers flowing from British Columbia into Alaska pose an immense threat to the jobs, culture and way of life in this region. Please act urgently to create international agreements that defend and sustain these salmon-rich transboundary rivers shared by the United States and Canada!
Tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians have so far called on leaders on both sides of the border to ensure our shared rivers - and the cultures and jobs that depend on them - are protected from large-scale B.C. mines. Virtually all of these mines operating in, or proposed for, these transboundary watersheds require water treatment and the storage of toxic waste behind massive earthen dams in perpetuity - a.k.a. forever.
As our movement has grown, we have learned the ONLY way to ensure we have the protections we need is if the issue is taken up between the United States and Canadian federal governments to secure long-lasting and enforceable protections for those dependent upon the productivity of these watersheds.
Thank you for your immediate action.
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