America’s largest wild salmon fishery is under threat from a proposed open-pit gold and copper mine.  Located in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, the Pebble Mine would destroy our nation’s greatest source of sustainable wild salmon.  Alaskans, commercial fishermen, chefs, businesses, conservationists, hunters and anglers have come together to protect Bristol Bay.  Will you join us? 

Sign the petition to EPA Administrator Wheeler, urging him to not let the Pebble Mine move forward. Learn more at Businesses for Bristol Bay. 

Dear Administrator Wheeler,

I am writing in support of protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska and its world-class salmon fishery, which provides over 14,000 fishing jobs and generates $1.5 billion in economic activity each year. Please do everything within your power as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that the proposed Pebble Mine does not move forward and Bristol Bay gets the permanent protection that it deserves.

Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to the world’s largest runs of sockeye salmon and those fish are an economic engine for Alaska and our nation. These salmon have sustained Alaska Native cultures for generations, and today fuel the dreams of hunters and anglers around the world who come to hunt and fish in Bristol Bay. This is the reason that an unprecedented bi-partisan coalition throughout the country is fighting against the Pebble Mine. Pebble is bad business and should not move forward.

As you yourself said on January 26, 2018, “Any mining projects in the region likely pose a risk to the abundant natural resources that exist there.” The EPA’s own Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment reaffirms this fact. We appreciate you acknowledging these risks to Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery and hope that you will continue to listen to those who have the most to lose if Pebble gets built. It is imperative that we protect America’s communities, businesses and watersheds from development projects that are irresponsible and irreversible.