Sign a letter to support the protection of Bristol Bay

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of thousands of American businesses and fishing families, we are writing to express our support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Proposed Determination that established common sense restrictions on large-scale mining in and around Bristol Bay, Alaska. We are united in our opposition to the proposed Pebble Mine and urge you and your administration to focus on preserving America’s jobs, renewable industries, and domestic food security.
Bristol Bay is one of the last great wild salmon fisheries left in the world, with an average of 40 million sockeye salmon returning to its waters annually.  Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery is a pillar of the Alaska Seafood brand and has employed Americans for over 130 years.  Today, it supplies over 40 percent of the world’s sockeye salmon, provides over 14,000 jobs, and generates $1.5 billion in annual economic activity.  Crab, halibut and other species rely on Bristol Bay as a nursery.  As a globally recognized sporting destination, the region also draws tens of thousands of anglers and hunters every year.  It is truly unmatched in its biological and economic productivity.  
For over a decade, Bristol Bay’s fishing industry and communities have faced economic uncertainty created by the Pebble Mine project, a massive low-grade ore deposit in a seismically active, wet and porous region at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed.  If developed, the Pebble Mine would jeopardize thousands of independent businesses, tens of thousands of jobs, and an economic engine that sustains Alaska’s economy.  In the event of an accident or environmental disaster, there is no doubt that American taxpayers will bear the costs and the consequences of cleaning up the contamination. Simply put, Pebble Mine is bad for existing businesses and jobs. 
During your campaign you promised the American people that you would “be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created.”  In our eyes, preserving existing high paying jobs is as important as creating new jobs in this country. We urge you to take a more thorough look at the negative impacts Pebble Mine would have on America’s, and perhaps the world’s, greatest fisheries and the 14,000 jobs directly tied to the region’s clean water and undisturbed habitat. In doing so, we believe you will understand the need to retain existing protections as proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2014.


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President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500-0001
Andrew Wheeler, Acting Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Ryan Zinke, Secretary, Department of Interior
Bill Walker, Governor of Alaska
Lisa Murkowski, U.S. Senator from Alaska
Dan Sullivan, U.S. Senator from Alaska
Don Young, U.S. Representative from Alaska